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We have six features in pre-production:


Sometimes our past makes living hard
Sometimes it comes back to save us.

Writers: Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks

In Pre-Production; Shooting begins October 2014!!

Two young kids form a close friendship and are tormented by local bullies. They happen upon each other later in life and their bond resumes, but the baggage from their childhoods and their lack of real intimacy in their families sets up roadblocks to their budding relationship. Only through developing a new way of seeing each other can they find their way back to the bond they have always had.

That’s Not How It’s Done
written by Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks

The script is finished. Well, it’s as finished as any ongoing creative work is ever finished. Every script we read and every movie we watch provides a new opportunity to see what we could do better, or add, or take away. Mike and I married 12 years ago after a lifetime of struggles with a system that deprived our children of the relationships they deserved to have had with their fathers. Both of us realized that the system of adversarial relationships that our court system has devised places punishment on children. We had different experiences, but the result was the same for our kids. When we started this project, we thought the stories of our three male leads were unique. We were wrong. Almost everyone knows stories worse than these. Still, nothing changes. We continue to cripple our children by encouraging wars between parents.

The system won’t change itself. It is too dependent on an endless trail of destructive legal actions to change. The change must be forced on them. It starts with changing the perception of a father’s value. And that starts with changing the perception of men in society; in the media. Have you noticed how its OK for women to hit men on TV or have a mean spirited laugh at the dad’s expense? Even in the politically correct arena of commercials, men are acceptable punching bags ... for women. When’s the last time you heard of a wife being arrested for domestic violence. Plenty of (ex)husbands have the bruises but know 1) the system doesn’t really care and 2) that going to war won’t end well. We have to change how our culture views men. Individually, we all know its wrong. It’s our collective conscience that has to change.

written by Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks

Anima Persona
written by Melody Brooke, story by Michael Arneel

A young man’s life was derailed when his best friend was attacked at a Frat party just as they were about to graduate college. He never quite forgives himself for his inability to protect his friend from the attack which left his friend crippled for life. While his friend went on to success, our young Jason was never able to pick himself up and go on. We meet him several years later when life is beating him up. Luckily for him he discovers that the love of a young woman can give him back the zest for life he lost, but it is a love only comes to him in his dreams. The startling conclusion will leave you wondering about your own dreams.

Writers: Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks

A young woman counselor is surprised to learn that her new client has more than one personality, and a history so horrific it has her frightened. Her client’s perpetrator is also her benefactor and the young counselor’s pursuit of the person responsible for her clients pain threatens them both.

Writers: Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks

Two women discover they have a sister they never knew existed. The younger is startled at her mother’s death with the news of an older sister. When the younger woman meets her sister, the surprises continue as she learns of her sisters history of torment and continued slavery to an unknown perpetrator.

Writers: Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks
(Currently being developed)

A very changed young woman soldier returns from her third tour of duty in the middle east to a family that doesn’t recognize her, though they behave as if they do. Her reintegration is marred by her constant nightmares and flashbacks and the strangeness between her and her family. She stumbles across a young homeless man whose own history of torment parallels her own, even though he has never been to war. Together they find solace and healing in a world that doesn’t recognize nor accept psychological trauma.

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